A good story...

... is true, inspires and is recognizable. It is the story of all employees and is consistently repeated in text, image and behaviour. Such a story does not just lie on the table. It comes about in collaboration with a diversity of people in the organization. With such a story, every employee is stronger.

Allura Driehoek

Allura method


Your own, real story about what you stand for and what you go for. 

Internal branding  

Employees know and feel what they stand for and rediate that. 


Customers and partners experience that what you say is what you do. 


Formulate from the core

"We make discussable what matters, the essence, the passion, personality and ideas of the people that make the company." 


Everything has to be right 

"When everything comes together,  the beauty of the organisation become visible in the behavior of people."  

About us

Awareness of what your organisations goes for and stands for will make every employee stronger. It provides direction and makes decisions easier. But it is not always easy to create a good story about your own organisation. When you are involved and in the middle of it all, it is more difficult to see your own strengths clearly. We use our external perspectives and our experience in strategy, marketing and communications to help you make the power of your organisation visible. 

It makes us happy to be able to help others advance and improve. We love to contribute to the success of entrepreneurs or individual employees. Our way of working  is appreciated by the clients, that we most often work with for longer term. We maintain our external perspectives, but we become part of the company and of the culture. We are often seen as 'external colleagues'. 

Customer cases

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