Meijer Potato

Building on potential

Identiteitstraject Meijer Potato

Meijer Potato's question

How do we articulate our story as Meijer Potato and bring our external communication in line with this story, fitting our position as one of the top 5 potato breeders worldwide?

Our approach: The Allura method

Corporate identity

Mission, vision, core values, tagline and corporate story formulated in discussion with an international delegation of employees and a number of external relations. In collaboration with a marketing agency we have developed a new and appealing visual identity: logo, company name, website design, etc.

Internal branding

Translation of identity into an employee booklet, workshops with international employees, signing at headquarters based on personal quotes and a storyboard in the lobby with a spin-off to the subsidiaries. Core values linked to MT members were followed up in a monthly newsletter.


Translation of identity and corporate identity to website, variety catalogue and corporate brochure. Support for new style customer events. Corporate videos & photography. Social media strategy and management. Various external mailings

website Meijer Potato


1 supported story that inspires and rings true 
85 proud, committed employees 
1 international image  
1 new corporate identity, applied internationally 
4 subsidiaries involved and enthusiastic 
5 languages for website and variety catalogue  
6 interviews in regional and national media 
2 interviews in French trade press 
260% increase in LinkedIn followers

Meijer Potato received many enthusiastic responses from clients, partners and colleagues.

Internal branding

Employees of Meijer Potato recognize themselves in the story expressed in a way that suits the company. Clients, growers and partners respond enthusiastically to the professional and clear image. Job applicants compliment Meijer Potato's story and core values. These are 'real' and not - as with some other companies - 'invented' and 'too general'. The management team speaks to the press and external interested parties in an inspiring way with a story that stands up. 


The new line of communication supports Meijer Potato on the international market and endorses its professionalism and specialism. Meijer Potato is seen as an international top 5 player with allure.  

Erika den Daas, Managing Director: “To come up with an authentic story, Allura dived deep into the company and the sector, and challenged the MT to get to the bottom of what drives us within Meijer Potato. There is now a beautiful, authentic story with a clear image of which everyone is proud. It has been well worth the time and energy" 

Allura method

At Meijer Potato, we used the Allura method for corporate branding and identity building. The entire process was done in close cooperation with the client.  

In feedback sessions and working out the corporate story, we used the Ikigai model.  

In a final round, we used the Find your Why method in a session with the MT that resulted in the final mission: Everybody deserves to enjoy food

In rolling out the story to staff, we created and facilitated customized workshops.  

Finally, we rewrote and wrote texts where needed and worked out all the necessary resources during an interim management period.  

Allura Vision Growers helps companies in the green sector discover and formulate their corporate story. We do this in such a way that the story not only highlights the interests of the company, but also appeals to customers, partners and the wider society. 

Pursue interests that are bigger than your own

Companies that add long-term value always pursue interests that are bigger than their own. Our skill is to make those interests understandable and articulate them in a story that touches and is supported by employees. When employees recognize themselves in the story, we ensure that the story is incorporated into text, images and all resources that are important to a company, such as the website, brochures, office design, newsletters, etc. 

Eén helder, verbindend verhaal

Elk woord telt in je bedrijfsverhaal. En iedereen moet dat weten. Lees meer over onze belofte. 

Leerkrachten willen schooltuinieren

De Alliantie Schooltuinen wil dat elk kind op de basisschool kan schooltuinieren. Nu heeft minder dan de helft die kans.

Groen in het licht zetten, dat is de kunst

Een compliment voor Daan Roosegaarde, die met lichtrecepten zowel de mooie als de duurzame kant van de landbouw in het licht zet.