Royal Van Zanten

Passing on Passion

Royal Van Zanten's issue
How do we tell our story in a powerful way and show that Royal Van Zanten is ‘back on track’ and stronger than ever?

The end result can be found on the Royal Van Zanten website.

Our approach: The Allura Method

Royal Van Zanten's purpose and DNA (core values) were formulated with input from personal interviews and online group sessions with an international delegation of employees and management. The payoff, ‘Driven by Passion’, thus gained meaning and the story was aligned with the existing mission and vision. New photography and icons, and consistent use of the already existing corporate identity, strengthen the visual identity in a very recognizable way.

Internal branding
Translation of identity into employee booklet, live and online workshops with international employees, development of our own DNA quartet card game and linkage to existing internal resources such as the periodic employee meeting, employee events and the internal newsletter.

Translation of identity into corporate presentation, website, press releases, social media and customized vacancy ads. Expansion of corporate imagery / photography. Use of purpose and DNA at market-oriented events.


  • Consistency in message and imagery
  • 1 supported story that inspires, connects and resonates

  • Unity in all corporate communications

  • Hundreds of proud, committed employees in the Netherlands and abroad

  • Strong bonding between colleagues in the Netherlands, Uganda, Colombia and South Africa

  • Increased enthusiasm for sharing the Royal Van Zanten story

  • Increased focus on employer branding and sustainability

  • Engaged employees in strategy and innovation

Royal Van Zanten receives enthusiastic internal and external reactions to the story and the way it is told. The story starts with people, with the purpose of Royal Van Zanten: Passing on passion

Internal branding
Royal Van Zanten employees recognize themselves in the story and the DNA. The language and image fit the company and the people who make up Royal Van Zanten. Growers and chain partners respond enthusiastically to the powerful, inspiring and recognizable way in which Royal Van Zanten is increasingly going public. There is great enthusiasm for the story in presentations to partners and the marketing team uses the power of purpose in press releases, when nominating products for awards and in overall corporate communications. The story is real, honest, engaging and works as a broad basis for many forms of communication.

Royal Van Zanten celebrated their 160th anniversary in 2022. The renewed identity does justice to the history and the great focus on people and their passion. It builds on that history with a good story based on the strength of Royal Van Zanten. Royal and Passion form the core of the DNA and the purpose: Passing on Passion is visible in the major focus on involving employees from all departments in strategy and innovation, internationally and in the Netherlands. And in the pride with which it actively communicates with the chain, with customers and with future employees. Royal Van Zanten is more than 'back on track', it is brimming with growth power. 

Maarten Goos, Managing Director: "Together with Allura we delved into the DNA of our company. Allura really brought out the story of the employees and formulated it powerfully. A lot of energy was generated internally, partly because all the sessions took a creative and challenging form. We are happy with our story and are now leveraging it in our contacts externally. We are more than 'back on track'."

Rob van der Helm, Marketing Manager: "Our story has been strengthened and professionally portrayed by Allura's personal and energetic approach. Colleagues are very involved; we are super proud of the result!"

Allura method

At Royal Van Zanten, we used the Allura method. The entire process was conducted in close cooperation with the client.

In picking up Royal Van Zanten's story, we spoke to a large number of international employees through online sessions. These sessions were customized.

We also developed customized workshops when rolling out Royal Van Zanten's story as part of the internal branding. Employees worked out the formulated values in quartet cards. The unique Royal Van Zanten quartet card game that was created is a long-term reminder for everyone.

Finally, we have worked with Royal Van Zanten for years, writing and advising on all kinds of texts, ranging from the Royal Van Zanten vision of sustainability to press releases and vacancies, in order to guide the company in implementing the story in practice.

Fotograaf: Nico Alsemgeest

‘Allura Vision Growers helps companies in the green sector discover and formulate their story. We do this in such a way that the story not only highlights the interests of the company, but also appeals to customers, partners and the wider society.’

Companies that add long-term value always pursue interests that are bigger than their own. Our art is to make those interests understandable and articulate them in a story that touches people and is supported by employees. When employees recognize themselves in the story, we ensure that the story is incorporated into text, images and all resources that are important to a company, such as the website, brochures, office design, newsletters, etc.

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