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Allura Method

We give green entrepreneurs more allure. 

The Allura Method is our approach to exploring formulating and implementing the company story, mission, vision and core values. To achieve this, we go through 3 phases, each with its own goal. In time, the phases may overlap.  

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1. Corporate identity

We formulate answers to questions such as 'Who are we?', 'What is our common goal or purpose?', 'What distinguishes us in the market?', 'What do we stand for?'.  

Approach: We investigate and formulate what distinguishes your company and what it stands for. We do this through individual interviews, group discussions, and / or  workshops. Each project is customized to the wishes and possibilities of the client.  

Result: The story of your company. Not an invented story, but the story that everyone will recognize and appreciate. Mission, vision, core values and other texts for your situation. The story can be expressed in all kinds of resources, which are developed in phase 2 and 3.  

We can also use this approach to formulate a vision for leadership, sustainability story, rationale for a change process, a brand story, etc. 

2. Internal branding

The second phase is about 'doing what you say'. All employees are involved in this phase. After all, when it is clear what a company stands for, we want it to radiate this on all fronts. We want employees to understand it and for their behaviour to fit the story. That requires that employees begin to feel, experience and communicate the core values. Everyone matters, and everything we do. That's how the whole picture starts to come together.  

Approach: We bring the story or strategy to life with your employees. In Step 1, some of the employees are already involved, but now everyone gets involved through presentations, workshops and recurring messages. Board and management have a big role. Together we develop resources with impact, and make sure we make it fun.  Examples include workshops, booklet, intranet, internal app and event. 

In this phase, a period of interim management to develop or advance parts of the organization can be a component.

3. Positioning

In phase 3, we align external communications with the story. So that customers, partners and others recognize your story through actions and behaviour. Company promise and customer experience are equal. "What you see is what you get." 

This step deals with external communication, both through actions and in behaviour of employees. We work together with agencies, the own organization, and support through consultancy where desired, (interim) management or projects.

Allura’s role varies throughout the different phases of the project, but can also differ from company to company. We can investigate, organize, execute and support, but we can also coach employees to take up the project themselves. That's what we mean by customization. We tailor our services to the capabilities and needs of our clients. 

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