Event programmes

Inform, engage, surprise and win over your audience

An event is ideally suited for communicating the (corporate) vision. An inspiring, surprising and informative setting provides a great platform to engage, inform and inspire employees, customers and other key audiences.   
Allura Vision Growers puts together event programmes that highlight your (corporate) culture and vision in an inspiring, surprising and compelling way. In addition, Allura Vision Growers can support various aspects of event communication and execution.  

Some of the events in which we played a role:  

  • Women Farmers Forward (2022). Event for East-West Seed about women farmers and the opportunities to support them better. 
  • PHAB2020 Plants for life, to survive (2020). Plant health conference commissioned by Koppert Biological Systems, Cabi and Wageningen UR. (Cancelled due to the COVID pandemic)
  • Koppert 50 years Partners with Nature (2017) Anniversary of Koppert Biological Systems. 
  • GreenTech Summit (2015, 2018, 2019) - commissioned by GreenTech Amsterdam RAI.
  • F&A Next (2016) - commissioned by Rabobank & Wageningen UR.
  • International management summit & sustainability day (2014) - commissioned by Koppert Biological Systems.
  • Grow Myanmar (2014) - commissioned by East-West Seed
  • Seed 2 Feed (2013) - commissioned by Rabobank
  • Opening new premises - commissioned by Rabobank Westland 

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