“It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.”

Roy E. Disney

Moral deliberation

Core values up for discussion

An organization's core values define and describe its culture. An organization with a social function will have to consider integrity very highly, while in horticulture, sustainability and (food) safety are very important aspects. Whether these values are actually core values depends on the dedication to them of the people working at the organization. 

To truly integrate core values into the organization and people's behaviour, it helps to talk. Share experiences with each other and explore them. This increases awareness of core values and helps people to better understand what they mean in practice. 

During a 'moral deliberation' session, exchanging experiences and reflecting on them is central. In an open discussion, we look for experiences that 'rub' against the formulated core values. Not to judge, but to learn from them and get a shared vision of the core values.  

The method we use for moral deliberation is based on conversation techniques from the Socratic method and follows a number of easy-to-understand steps. Moral deliberation is already quite common in the medical sector because of the ethical issues there. But even in the green sector, it can be an accessible way to increase mutual connection and understanding. 

The side benefits of a moral deliberation session are great. Colleagues better understand what other departments are doing, a connection is created and people become aware that they don't have to make decisions alone. In fact, it adds value to involve others in it. 

‘It was a valuable afternoon, because we discussed things that aren't normally discussed very often.’ 

‘I got to know colleagues from other departments better, and have a greater appreciation for all they do.’ 

‘There are many more stakeholders and interests than I initially thought.’ 

‘This should be much more a part of our normal work.’  

‘I realize more clearly that I don't have to make decisions alone.’ 

For moral reflection, Allura Vision Growers works with other practical philosophers. A session can be of value to companies in horticulture, but we have experience offering it to organisations in other sectors, such as social housing.

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