“Je moet je losmaken van je vertrouwde wereld, het bekende achter je laten, vrije ruimte scheppen.”

Jos Kessels

Know yourself

Vision development is the leader's talent

Knowing who you are and what you stand for. That is the basis for vision. 

In the inspirational leadership workshop, you learn to know yourself better and to articulate your own vision in a clear way.  

We use personal experiences to clarify - using 10 'beads' from the bead game - the general vision you can distill from one specific, personal experience.  

Going through all the beads from the bead game helps with decision making, overlooking the stakes and most importantly, formulating your personal point of view.  

The beads game is based on Jos Kessels' insights from the book ‘Spelen met Ideën’ (Playing with Ideas).  

Allura vision growers deploys 'the beads game' to develop personal leadership in organizations. Know thyself is a good start for powerful leadership. The beads game can be done in workshop form (half a day or a full day) or individually, during multiple appointments, supplemented with online (email) contact. 

The beads game can be used for individual coaching, but can also be used as a method, in a 1-day workshop, for a Management Team or other group in an organization. 

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