“The why can guide us to act with purpose, on purpose.”

Simon Sinek


A broad-based vision

A group workshop provides opportunities to more effectively arrive at a supported vision and story. By involving people personally in the formation of the vision or in the process of rolling it out, they recognize themselves more quickly.  

Every organization is different. Depending on the question, the situation and the possibilities, Allura deploys appropriate workshops. We have several methods for this that differ in depth, accessibility and suitability for groups.  

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Eén helder, verbindend verhaal

januari 2022

Elk woord telt in je bedrijfsverhaal. En iedereen moet dat weten. Lees meer over onze belofte. 

Leerkrachten willen schooltuinieren

8 september 2021

De Alliantie Schooltuinen wil dat elk kind op de basisschool kan schooltuinieren. Nu heeft minder dan de helft die kans.